2019 You Tube Sports Card Hall of Fame

Every January the MLB announces the Hall of Fame Class that will be enshrined that upcoming summer. February brings us the NFL Hall of Fame Class during Super Bowl weekend. And this year February will also bring us the much-anticipated, You Tube Sports Card Hall of Fame, Class of 2019. Every Hall of Fame has a commissioner and the Tuber HOF is no different, the innovator of this card community buzz is Mike Moynihan, also known as Baseball Collector on his You Tube Channel.

Collectors are allowed to vote by posting a video and linking it to Baseball Collectors channel, more specifically the video published on January 20, 2019 or simply by commenting on that particular video. The rules for voting were:

  1. You can’t vote for yourself.
  2. You can only vote for up to 10 sports card related channels.
  3. Tuber has to be posting videos for at least one year.
  4. Votes for channels that are already inducted into the Tuber HOF will not count.

Every Hall of Fame vote comes with controversy, that’s the spice that makes it so good. This one was no different. Right from the start there seemed to be drama, but Mike quickly extinguished all of it by bringing clarity to some comments that were taken out of context, his explanation was clear and his apology heart-felt. I don’t know what it is about Hall of Fame votes of any kind but they typically are sprinkled with some sort of controversy.

What I enjoyed most about the You Tube Sports Card Hall of Fame this year was finding channels that I didn’t even know existed. Channels like Jack Frost Football which is a guy that is from my area and I didn’t even know until I watched some of his videos. Another one is Sconnie Tradition I really enjoy this channel because we have similar collecting interest and bart81usaf has an epic channel too. The point I want to emphasize here is, I would’ve never found these channels if it wasn’t for me watching videos of collectors voting for other You Tube Channels.

Sports card collectors finding new channels was one of the concepts Mike Moynihan envisioned for this award. The other is recognition, there is a lot of work that goes into making consistent, quality content. This is an opportunity for channels to be recognized and affirmed by the You Tube card community as their channel being an asset to card collectors.

One has a tendency to gravitate towards channels that resemble your collecting interest. But my vote is based solely on those channels I feel have something to offer to the card community as a whole. In other words there has to be some type of value given to the viewer. All of my picks have great collections and as a PSA HOF RC collector and autograph collector myself these are the channels, in alphabetical order, I feel are HOF’ers to me:


1. Aaron Davis 

Aaron Davis

Aaron’s collection has lots of variety. His focus is on baseball, football and boxing Hall of Famers. The niche on his channel is the historical content he provides, he gives great commentary on highlighted player and one can tell he really does his homework. Another interesting aspect of Aaron’s channel is his collection of Negro-League ball players. Click on his name above to check out his channel. I voted for Aaron last year and I hope he makes it this year. Why? Because of the content he provides. His collection? All I can say is WOW!

2. Baseball Card Junkies TV

BBCJunkies TVThis channel is responsible for bringing many collectors back into the hobby, myself included. Go to You Tube and in the SEARCH bar enter “baseball cards” more than likely one of the top three channels that You Tube will offer you is this one. In 2014 when I was considering collecting again I came across this channel and I was hooked, quicker than you can say “binge watch” I was back; collecting flame reignited by Nate & Eric. This channel is especially good if you are a new collector as they offer many basic tutorials of the hobby.

3. D B Tiller

DB TIllerDB has 785 Subscribers and his videos date back to 2014. He is a PSA Hall of Fame collector and I find his channel inspiring. DB is a gentlemen, there is no loud rants with him. He understands that sports card collecting is not a race but a marathon. Slow and steady wins the race. His collection will leave you in awe as he is heavy on vintage baseball primarily between 1950 – 1989 with a dash of football and basketball too.

4. Dead Guy Cardboard

Dead Guy CBThis channel has 818 Subscribers and his videos date back to 2014. His channel has a wide variety of things that interest him: Vintage baseball, 90’s Inserts, Barry Larkin but primarily T206 cards. He gives tons of instructional videos like, “Top 20 Most Undervalued Cards” and “Top 10 Reasons Why I Collect T206.” This channel is a reservoir of baseball card knowledge, videos are well thought out and presented well.

5. Jabs Family

JabsFamErik has 19,512 Subscribers and his videos date back to 2016. This is remarkable because in less than three years he has managed to create tons of videos that equate to over 6.7 million views. He is the heavyweight when it comes to the You Tube sports card community. His niche is in the travel. He will travel endless miles in pursuit of sports cards. Wether it be at: auctions, estate sales, flea markets, antique stores, baseball card shops, retail outlets, etc. He takes us with him on these pursuits and has a way of sharing the excitement with his viewers.

6. Joey Brings It 

JoeyBringsItJoey has 588 Subscribers and his videos date back to 2013. Joey’s personality makes him a very likable person. He has lots of passion for what he does. He collects 1953 Bowman Color. And specializes in Hall of Fame PSA/DNA autographs. Mostly baseball and football but dabbles in basketball too. All vintage of course. The community loves the way he can take three cards, turn on some inspirational music and grab a diet coke while talking about those three cards for 20 minutes. It’s an amazingly fun channel.

7. Nuf Ced Cards

NufCedAndrew has 384 Subscribers and his videos date back to 2017. Now I don’t collect T206 cards but I can appreciate the history behind the cards especially when they are presented in the manner Nuf Ced Cards does it. The channel has a wide variety of baseball but primarily T206’s and baseball Post Cards which is a genre of card collecting rarely talked about on You Tube. He’s taught me to really appreciate this era of collecting.

8. Rated Rookie

Rated RCRated Rookie has 556 Subscriptions and his videos date back to 2017. He doesn’t have as many videos as the other channels mentioned but I appreciate this channel because we have similar collecting interest. Michael Jordan cards for starters. Rated Rookie also makes quality purchases and is well-informed about his purchases. His favorite set is the 1953 Topps and he has plenty of slabbed beauties from this set.

9. TheMURPH398

TheMurphTheMurph398 has 306 Subscribers and his videos date back to 2015. This is another channel that has lots of similarities with the things that I like. The Murph is a Dale Murphy collector, a Ken Griffey Jr collector and my favorite PSA Post War HOF RC collector. The Murph is consistent at posting mail day videos and is an active participant in the You Tube community.


10. Those Back Pages

BackPagesEric has 307 Subscribers and his videos date back to 2017. I really enjoy this channel because we are similar in age, total collecting years and PSA slabs of Hall of Famers. Eric has a very extensive collection of vintage baseball but likes the modern-day cards too. This also extends to his basketball collection and he has an extensive collection of comic books. The most different thing about his channel is his positivity as he ends every video encouraging his viewers, “You matter, learn, keep on learning and share your knowledge.”

Well this was my ballot for the 2019 You Tube Sports Card Hall of Fame and why. If you check out their channels and like what you see do me a favor… SUBSCRIBE!

Happy Collecting Collectors,

Learn. Collect. Enjoy.

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Victor Roman Sr

I've been collecting for over thirty years. My goal is to inform and inspire collectors of cardboard. I believe there is nothing that holds its value better than rookie cards of Hall of Famers, nor is there anything more rewarding than learning the history of the All-Time Greats. I summarize it this way- LEARN. COLLECT. ENJOY.