4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Sports Card Collecting

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Let’s just say hypothetically speaking, you’re on the fence about sportscard collecting.  Perhaps you were doing a word search on the search engine of your choice and typed in sportscard collecting. Well, I want to give you 4 reasons why you should consider it.
I would like to share my thoughts on why I like to collect. One of the primary missions of this website is to help interested or curious folks like yourself become new collectors in the great hobby of sports card collecting, with hopes of you becoming a long-term sustainable collector.

There’s much to learn and I’m hoping you will give me a chance to show you the ropes. Today coming in as a newbie can be very intimidating and discouraging. If you would allow me to do so, I want to help get you on the right track.

I understand that you have options. There’s a lot of things drawing for your attention, a lot of different hobbies you can get into. So I’ve put myself in your shoes and have asked this one question, “Why should I collect sports cards?” Well first and foremost:

1) It’s Fun

Nothing is more exciting as opening a pack of cards and getting a card of your favorite player. Well… maybe opening a pack of cards and getting an autograph or game-used relic card of your favorite player.

You can collect cards of a specific player, your favorite team, complete sets, rookie cards or all-stars, vintage or modern-day cards.

Yes indeed you have options, the possibilities are endless, there is never a dull moment and each Opening Day brings with it another season of options.

Another aspect of sports card collecting is the sense of accomplishment when you find that one specific card you’ve been looking for or you finally finish putting together a complete set.

The thrill of the hunt can bring much enjoyment to your card collecting experience.

2) It’s Educational

There’s always something to learn in the hobby of sportscard collecting. The most seasoned collector doesn’t know it all. The reason? Hobby trends are consistently changing.

Collector interest goes up and down day-to-day like the New York Stock Exchange and so does sports card market values.

Who’s who? Who’s hot and who’s not? Who is going to be the next Mickey Mantle or Tom Brady? And so collectors who do their homework are sometimes referred to as “Prospectors.”

Other collectors enjoy player stats found on the backs of most cards. These collectors I find are some of the most sports savvy people I know. They can tell you some of the intricate details of the players or teams of their choice.

Whether knowing hobby trends, staying ahead of the curve by prospecting, or perhaps player stats are your thing. Whatever your enjoyment, you will become knowledgeable in that area.

3) It’s Community

I didn’t collect for some years and when I came back to the hobby I wondered, where did all the collectors go? Well, it didn’t take long to find them. You can find like-minded collectors at your Local Card Shop.

Some of my best hobby memories and conversations have been within the friendly confines of my LCS. This really is a social hobby and you can quickly make friends and begin trading with other collectors instantly.

Another common trait with some collectors is sharing hobby stories and it won’t be long before you will too.

You can attend card shows. Some are local where maybe 20-40 card dealers will set up tables and display their cards for sale.

Other card shows can be found on a much bigger scale oftentimes one weekend a year held at some Convention Center or the like. Plus everyone in attendance is collectors too!

A more recent phenomenon can be found on the platforms of social media. You want to find other collectors? Social Media is the place.

You can find multiple groups tailored to sports cards each with its own niche. Each having hundreds if not thousands of members from all parts of the world.

In my experience, I have found 99.9% of the collectors on social media to be good people, friendly people.

Yes, as with anything you’ll have a shyster or two out there but many of these groups are run by Administrators and they won’t have any of that, the shyster will quickly be removed from that group.

Other collectors help keep a level of integrity within the group as well. So, whether in a shop, show, or social media, with card collectors there is a sense of camaraderie and a mutual love for the hobby that they share.

4) It’s Nostalgic

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines the word nostalgic as, “pleasure or sadness that is caused by remembering something from the past and wishing that you could experience it again.”

Collecting sports cards allows us to experience it again, it takes us back to a certain place or time, a happy place, a sentimental time where we remember those moments in our lives with certain key cards.

For me every time I see or pick up a 1973 Topps Roberto Clemente, a 1979 Topps Ozzie Smith rookie card, well it brings a smile to my face, these cards are forever engrained in my childhood memories. Science has proven the mental health benefits of collecting as well.

Collecting sports cards is also a collection of fond memories. It’s the innocence of childhood, it’s American, it’s mom’s apple pie and I have a biased opinion that says, collecting sports cards is the greatest hobby there is.

If you have made the decision to start collecting sports cards congratulations! Allow me to invite you to the next step which you can read here Being a Wise Collector.

Happy Collecting Collector!

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