About This Blog

In Less Than 60 Seconds

My goal is to inform and inspire collectors of cardboard. I believe that nothing holds it’s value better nor increases in value more than rookie cards of Hall of Famers. I also enjoy learning the unique stories of these All-Time Greats. I summarize it this way: Learn. Collect. Enjoy.

This website could be for someone who is just curious or the novice just starting out. It could be a former collector returning to the hobby or a seasoned collector with years of experience. Young or old, male or female, the hobby of collecting cardboard is for everyone.

A Little More on the Why and the Breakdown

I’ve started collecting sports cards again after a ten-year absence. I went to the web to catch up on things. A lot has changed. In 2004 there was to my recollection nine LCS (Local Card Shops) in my area, we are down to two.

Card shows are nearly extinct as well, I’ve got a couple I can get to in Illinois but only a few times a year. Back in the day it seemed like you can get to a card show every other weekend.

Finally, breaking boxes has transitioned into Online Breaks which by the way, I believe is a genius concept but has its advantages and disadvantages. However, in my research I couldn’t find much that would “teach” me the new way of doing things. I really had to dig, ask questions, get into Breaks in which I had difficulty learning the lingo and at times I felt vulnerable to the process.

I have prior collecting experience and really wanted to get involved so I pressed in and learned BUT if I was a newbie… I would find myself lost and intimidated by the card collecting world.

So why did I have such a hard time learning the new way of doing things? I asked myself. I believe it’s because not many are teaching. This website has a dual purpose: 1) a website where collectors can come to learn. 2) a website focusing in on collecting rookie cards of Hall of Famers (or Future Hall of Famers) which is what I’m passionate about. Under the “CATEGORIES” section you will find the following:

Newbie Collectors

Here is where new collectors can come to learn: the ropes, the risk, the rewards, the terminology. There will be examples of good collecting and bad collecting. The goal will be to lead new collectors to be sustainable long-term collectors.

My Collection

This portion is where I will showcase parts of my collection. It will serve as a checklist of things I’m working on and will allow me to look at my collection at will. If you have anything I need and would like to sell or trade please feel free to contact me.

Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey “GREATS” (b.k.a. Hall of Famers)

Here we will highlight a certain player, learn about them as a person, look at their career achievements and highlight on a certain card(s) of that player. The intent here is to help the collector learn, appreciate, and make informed decisions on their card purchases. I want collectors to gain a greater respect for that player and greater appreciation of their own personal collection instead of always pursuing the next big thing.

I consider myself a collector. I am not a dealer, distributor or the like. My passion and personal collection deals with PSA graded rookie cards of Hall of Famers. For me it’s all about collecting cards of the All-Time Greats of the game.

Keeping It Real

Here’s where the rubber meets the road for me. Let’s be real for a moment, something as innocent as sports card collecting can become all-consuming and corrupt if we’re not careful. There needs to be integrity in our sports card collecting. For example, we need to collect within a budget, we need to be mindful and have a focus, a purpose to our collecting. I want to address topics like these in an effort to – keep it real.

Relevant Topics

Topics of discussion in this category will include anything that is relevant to the theme of this blog. A catchall that enables me to talk about future Hall of Famers, hot topics, industry news, etc.

These 8 categories are the heart and soul of this website. Why the title, “All Time Greats?” In any of the four primary sports that term is used to describe a person who has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. The memory of that player is enclosed in a shrine (a building or other shelter). That players memory along with their statistics, achievements, and relics are considered cherished and sacred. I can respect that and I also respect the principles and the mission for which the Hall of Fame stands for: “Preserve History, Honor Excellence, Connecting Generations.” That’s what I want this blog to do too!

Happy Collecting, Collectors!

Victor Roman Sr.