IMG_0381Hello friend! I’m Victor Roman Sr. Like you I’m a collector of cardboard. My collection consists primarily of rookie cards of Hall of Famers. I love to learn about the history of these All-Time Greats and this inspires me to collect that player. But I have noticed a problem, maybe you have too. Some Hall of Famers only have one rookie card while others have 50 or more! I found myself confused and frustrated as to which ones were prospect cards, official rookie cards, or insert cards.

So many brands, so many parallels, that’s when I decided to put my love of collecting rookie cards onto this site. I hope that it would inspire you to learn about the legacy of each Hall of Famer but also provide you with a detailed checklist along with some commentary of each official rookie card and their parallels, this way you will be inspired and well equipped to make your purchases.

I remember growing up as a kid anticipating the arrival of my dad coming home from work especially when I wasn’t in trouble. Fridays were payday and on those days, most of the time, my dad would bring me a candy bar! He knew my favorites, Rolos, or Baby Ruth’s. One particular Friday in the summer of 1981 my dad didn’t bring me a candy bar, instead, he brought home packs of baseball cards. Fleer and Donruss more specifically.

I remember playing with those cards day and night. I read the front and back, sorted them by a team, by card number, even by the league. I also remember when I got a buck or two I would immediately go to a little convenience store directly across the street from our house. You would think a ten-year-old boy would go straight to the candy. No sir/ma’am, I went directly towards the Topps Baseball Cards. They were 30¢ a pack! They sold the older ones, 1979 or 1980 for 25¢ a pack! Moments like these sparked my love for sportscard collecting.

Currently, I have over 30 years of serious sportscard collecting. Here’s the thing, I don’t want to sell you anything. This is a website designed by a collector for collectors. It’s here as a tool to serve you as we continue our journey of collecting the cherished rookie cards of the All-Time Greats.

Happy Collecting, Collectors

Learn. Collect. Enjoy.

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