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The dawn of a new year is almost upon us. I typically like to carve out some time to evaluate where I’ve come, where I’m at and where I’m headed. I do this exercise for every aspect of my life, card collecting and blog included. This is the second full year of and the only thing I regret is not starting sooner.

I love blogging but the responsibilities of life are a reality for me. A lesson I learned early in 2018 was time; it is essential not just in writing but in my card collecting as well. I have lots of cards to shuffle and sort through but I must manage my time wisely.

McCovey, Willie Capsule

New player capsule design!

For 2018 I wanted to take things to the next level. Major changes in eye appeal was a goal so designing several banner headers was my first priority followed by new player capsules like the one pictured to the left. The old player capsules seemed a little generic so I started to re-due all of them then I stopped myself. I wanted to leave some of the older player capsules with the original design so I can see the progression.

In 2018 I published a total of 32 articles which includes this one. The math says, I posted 2.66 times a month. Getting this up to 3 post a month is a goal for 2019. I know compared to most sports card blogging sites that’s a very low number, almost comical. But between long work hours, family, ministry and the management of a home this is the best I can do for now. I look forward to giving this more time when I retire. For now to compensate for my low number of post I try to focus more on quality than quantity.

The administrative tools for the website allows me to see which post have had the most views. So without further a do, I give you the most viewed post of 2018.

1. The 10 Commandments of the Rookie Card

10 Command. RC.001

By far the most viewed post I ever written. Thanks to Twitter and sports card forums for really helping this one take off. This post was inspired by a pet peeve of mis-using the term “rookie card” I set out to give a clear understanding of what is and is not an RC according to industry standards. Click on link above to check it out.

2. The Future of the Beloved Rookie Card?

future rc 3

This was  part 3 of 3 in a series about our beloved rookie card. In it I propose two major areas that need our attention. One being communication, the other, the blatant over use and misuse of manufacturers stamping cards with RC logo. I also proposed a fix. A universal language that would cover all the bases for every type of RC collector. Special thank you to COMC who supported this post and brought many views to it. Click on link above to check it out.

3. Understanding the Complexities of the Rookie Card

emoji rcThis post kicked off the three-part series about the RC. In this one I give a brief history of the struggles the rookie card has had over the decades. Competition between manufacturers brought the rookie card boom but it also brought about the “junk wax era” followed by the mass production of different product at the turn of the century, I call it the “mass-production era.” The result, discouraged collectors. Click on link above to check it out.

4. Sports Card & Memorabilia TUBER Hall of Fame: My Vote

You Tube Logo.001

One thing I wish the sports card blogging community would have is the camaraderie that the You Tube sports card community has. It’s a sports card community that really supports one another. I’m a fan to say the least. Annually, the community has a You Tube Hall of Fame induction per se. This post I show you my vote and why. Click on link above to check it out.

5. Navigating Through Your Choices: Comparing Sports Cards to Gasoline

Choose Gas

This one was written with the newbie collector in mind. Inspired by going to a local Target store to pick  up some retail blaster boxes I noticed that new collectors can be overwhelmed with the amount of product available. How does one decipher through all of it? In this post I break it down for you. Click on link above to check it out.

6. Topps Now! C’mon Man!

Topps Now.001

In this post I respectfully filed a grievance against Topps. I reviewed the multitude of Aaron Judge “RC” in the set. Since we’re on the topic I also wrote about how many cards are actually branded with RC logo and shouldn’t be. I’m getting myself worked up again. Click on link above to check it out.

7. Brian Dawkins Rookie Cards

Dawkins Capsule.001

Of the 21 different hall of famers I featured in 2018 Weapon X takes the prize for most viewed post for a player. I can see why too, he was one of the most intriguing players to watch on and off the field and had an amazing football career. It may have helped that his Philadelphia Eagles were Super Bowl Champs in 2018 too. Click on link above to check it out.

8. So What Type of Collector Are You?

Types of Collectors.001

Over the decades the hobby has changed. Collectors have changed too. In this post I propose 10 Types of Collectors and ask the question, which one are you? Perhaps my favorite post of 2018. Click on link above to check it out.

9. Trevor Hoffman Rookie Card

Hoffman Capsule.001

The second most viewed player post was a surprise to me. Trevor Time, the fan favorite, had an amazing fast ball and change-up that earned him 601 career saves. An intimidating force on the mound for sure. Even more surprising, in an era of mass production, he only has one rookie card. Click link above to check it out.

10. Brian Urlacher Rookie Card

Urlacher Capsule.001

The 10th most viewed post for 2018 was one of my favorite football players. Living in the Chicagoland Region I was able to watch his entire career. In this post I showcased each of his 50+ rookie cards along with parallels. I also included for the first time, a spreadsheet of all of his rookies – a valuble resource, feel free to copy and use for your collection.

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Merry Christmas,

Victor Roman

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