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Taking a closer look at the career numbers of Brett Favre one must take notice that he has over 6,000 passing completions for total yardage of over 70,000. But most impressive is that he is the first quarterback in NFL history to pass for 500 touchdowns!

For those who wish to point out that he also owns the record for most interceptions at 336 keep in mind that he also owns the record for most career sacks at 525. He has led teams to eight Division Championships, five NFC Championship Games, and two Super Bowl appearances winning one of them in XXXI. In his 20 year career he’s played for the Atlanta Falcons 1991, Green Bay Packers 1992-2007, New York Jets 2008 and the Minnesota Vikings 2009-2010.

One statistic that is often overlooked and shouldn’t be, Brett Favre is the “Ironman” (Cal Ripken Jr) of the NFL. Between September 20, 1992 to January 20, 2008 he was the starting quarterback for 297 consecutive games (321 if you include playoffs), which to this day still remains the all-time record for consecutive starts in the NFL. He is an 11x Pro Bowler and 3x MVP. His career stat line: Games 302 | Touchdowns 508 | Passes Completed 62% | Yards 71,838 | Interceptions 336.


1991 Action Packed Rookie Update, Card #21 (shop eBay)

This is an 84 card set. Cards have an embossed feel to the card fronts. Upper left corner a red helmet with the letter “R” in it signifies Action Pack’s official rookie card insignia. Gold foil ribbon outlined in red runs along right side and bottom of card and leads to another helmet that displays team logo. Card back gives us full college stats, color photo, player bio and commentary, all the essentials of a solid card back, but lacks in eye-appeal. I remember having a hard time getting these into a top loader, because of the embossed technology the card stock was a lot thicker, most of the time I just left them in a penny sleeve.

1991 Pacific, Card No. 551 (shop eBay)

This was Pacific Trading Cards premier release for football. It’s a 660 card set split up into two series. There were also factory sets produced but for each series not as a whole. I got burned once because of this. The set was split, 550 cards for series one and 110 cards for series two. I came across a factory set at a yard sale a few years ago, I knew there was a Favre rookie but I didn’t know there was a series two, neither did the guy selling it. I’m thinking its a Pacific football set, 550 cards is the complete set. I purchased it thinking Favre’s rookie is in the bag. Wrong! Favre was card number 551 the first card of series two. I felt 😲 😠

Pacific did an excellent job thinking outside the box. They came on the scene and was a step ahead of everyone else. Their chase cards (or insert cards) are highly sought after by collectors then and even more so now. Card design I give this product an A+. Cards had a UV coating giving them that glossy veneer. Crisp photography. Brett’s name is placed vertically to the left side of card in bold font and check out their brand emblem on the lower left corner of card front. The card back – WOW! What is going on here? Unlike anything we’ve ever seen on a card back. Design sits at a 45 degree angle. There is a color portrait of Favre and check out the corners: one has card number in bold, the other has team emblem and the other one has that cool looking brand emblem that runs parallel to design of card – Love it! Player bio, commentary, and Draft Day Note wraps up this beauty. Only downer, like anything 90’s its mass-produced.

As of the date of this post raw copies can be purchased for $1.00-$3.00; graded mint copies (9’s) sell between $4.00-$8.00 and gem mint copies (10’s) sell in the $20.00-$30.00 range.

1991 Pro Set, Card #762 (shop eBay)

This whopping 850 card set is quite large for a football set. The reason? Because there are various themed subsets within this set. For example: the first 20 cards are NFL Leaders, cards 27-31 are 1991 Hall of Fame Inductees, etc. A very unique feature is the cards with specific moral messages to younger kids: “Stay in School” – cards 370-378, “Think About It” – cards 721-729. Each of these portrays an All-Star giving advice to kids, a concept, I think, we should see more of.

Great action photo on this. There are no borders and I like the brand logo in the upper left corner and the 2nd Round Draft Choice in the lower left indicating to us that this is a rookie. The back really falls short for me not much design, really dull and too much commentary.

As of the date of this post raw copies can be purchased for $1.00-$2.00; graded mint copies (9’s) sell between $10.00-$15.00 and gem mint copies (10’s) sell in the $20.00-$40.00 range.

1991 Pro Set Platinum, Card #290 (shop eBay)

This 315 card set premiered in 1991 and was discontinued in 1992. But it does feature a rookie card of Brett Favre. Not much distraction on the front of these. Just a borderless action photo with a Pro Set Platinum logo. The card backs are really cool too. Another large action photo, player name, a little bit of commentary and not much of anything else.

As of the date of this post raw copies can be purchased for $1.00-$3.00; graded mint copies (9’s) sell between $5.00-$10.00 and gem mint copies sell in the $10.00-$25.00 range.

1991 Score, Card #611 (shop eBay)

The 91 Score is a very nice looking card overall, the card front has a multi-colored border and a great action photo of the Gun Slinger. Brand logo on the upper right and two text boxes located at the bottom one of them indicating that this is a “1991 Rookie.” The card back is split in half, right side giving us a close up photo and the left side text box giving us decent player commentary, player bio, but lacks in stats. It’s saving grace is the gold-colored border but may cause heartache trying to find one that is not chipped along the edges.

As of the date of this post raw copies can be purchased for $1.00-$3.00; graded mint copies (9’s) sell in the $6.00-$12.00 and gem mint copies (10’s) sell in the $20.00-$35.00 range.

1991 Stadium Club, Card #94 (shop eBay)

This 500 card set followed suit with its baseball counterpart. Tagged as Topps first premium product release. Amazing photography, borderless photos and glossy card stock make this a hobby grand slam. The card back is decent with a background that  mimics a football stadium. The purpose of the photo to the right is to show collectors the rookie card of featured player. Decent player commentary, player bio and that black stripe outlined in red does have a multifunction purpose giving us card number, brand logo and players name in big red font. However, this one too lacks in player stats. And there is one looming error, an uncorrected error, I’ll let you try to find it… did you catch it? His name is misspelled in front and back of card.

As of the date of this post raw copies can be purchased for $10.00-$15.00; graded mint copies (9’s) sell between $20.00-$30.00 and gem mint copies (10’s) sell in the $95.00- $140.00 range.

1991 Ultra, Card #283 (shop eBay)

This 300 card set has earned my respect. I have always appreciated this premier issue of Fleer’s Ultra brand. It offered a quality product, with quality photography, for a decent price, giving collectors the best of everything. Action photo with background blurred out really brings Favre to the forefront. A big, proud Ultra brand emblem at top left and gray borders only at top and bottom of card. The bottom border is meant to be bigger then the top. The card back has an interesting color scheme. Lots of player commentary and a close up photo in the shape of the Ultra emblem. Love the card number at top left, that’s different. However, it does lack player bio and stats.

As of the date of this post raw copies can be purchased for $2.00-$4.00; graded mint copies (9’s) sell between $5.00-$10.00 and gem mint copies (10’s) sell in the $15.00-$30.00 range.

1991 Upper Deck, Card #13 (shop eBay)

This 700 card set is another football card premier in 1991. Upper Deck raised the bar giving football cards a much-needed face lift. Probably the most undervalued set of the year, to this day sets can be purchased for less than $20 dollars. Pretty reasonable when you factor in product quality.

Card photo is not my favorite. Plus there is this random guy in the background giving him a hug or a massage I’m not sure. It sits on white borders with a very nice Star Rookie logo at bottom right. Card back gives us a really cool vector image of a hawk. Three colors surrounding text box gives it eye-appeal but there is a lot of commentary and that about wraps it up. No close up photo, no player bio, and again no stats.

As of the date of this post raw copies can be purchased for $2.00-$4.00; graded mint copies (9’s) sell between $5.00-$10.00 and gem mint copies (10’s) sell in the $15.00-$30.00 range.

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