Eric Lindros Rookie Cards

Legend has it that as a young teenager Eric Lindros played power forward and had a way of physically dominating players much older than he was. He was able to score quite frequently as well and these two attributes were at the core of his success. He had big man physical presence with the agility and finesse of a smaller man.

Prior to being drafted into the NHL Draft in 1991-92 Lindros was an all-star for the Oshawa Generals in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) where he won the Red Tilson Trophy for Most Outstanding Player and led the Generals to a Memorial Cup victory in 1990. Starting his NHL career for the Philadelphia Flyers in 1992-93 he quickly established himself as the top player of the team. As a rookie he scored 41 goals and collected 75 points, to go along with 147 minutes in penalties.

His career stat line for the regular season is: Games Played 760, Goals 372, Assist 493, Points 865, Penalties in Minutes 1398.

Lindros played 13 years for the Philidelphia Flyers, New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs and the Dallas Stars. He collected the following awards: NHL All-Rookie Team 1992-93, Hart Memorial Trophy 1994-95, NHL First All-Star Team 1994-95 & 1995-96. And in 1998, Canadian magazine The Hockey News, declared Lindros #54 in their list of 100 Greatest Hockey Players of all time.


1990-91 Score, No. 440 (Shop eBay)

The league had high expectations for Lindros right out of the gate. So much so Lindros landed an exclusive deal with Score in his rookie year. This is a 440 card set and card No. 440 of the set happens to be the official and only, American rookie card. There is a factory set that was available through hobby dealers and included five Eric Lindros bonus cards (B1-B5). This one falls under the “Mass-Produced Era” so copies are plentiful. As of this post raw copies can be purchased in the $1.00-$3.00 range while graded copies fall into the $10.00-$35.00 price range for the higher grades.

lindros rc front

lindros rc back

1990-91 Score Canadian, No. 440 (Shop eBay)

There was an exact Canadian version of the 440 card set produced. The American version used a blue Score logo on the card front. The logo on the front of the Canadian version is in red and the text in the back of the card shows both english and french text. As of this post raw copies can be purchased for $1.00-$3.00 while graded copies can be purchased at the $10.00-$25.00 range.

90 score canadian lindros 440

lindros can rc back

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