Morten Andersen Rookie Card

Morten “The Great Dane” Andersen, also known as “Mr. Automatic,” played in 25 NFL seasons. The first 13 years with the New Orleans Saints and an eight year stint with the Atlanta Falcons made up the majority of those years. He is only the second Kicker enshrined into the NFL Hall of Fame, second only to Kansas City Chiefs Jan Stenerud who was inducted in 1991.

Morten’s stardom took off at the collegiate level where he played for the Michigan State Spartans and set multiple records, most memorable was his 63 yard field goal against Ohio State University in 1981. He went onto the NFL and was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in 1982. The start of his pro career was anything but impressive. On the opening kickoff of his NFL career Morten, running away from Runningback Randy Love who came at him like a freight train, caused Morten to break his ankle on the Superdome turf and was injured for eight weeks.  Soon after his return the Players Association went on a players strike and shortening the 1982 NFL season. Despite this disastrous rookie season Morten settled in as the most reliable Kicker in the NFL. He is a 7x Pro Bowler, 2x Golden Toe Award, NFL 1980’s & 1990’s  All-Decade Team. More importantly Morten owns some really impressive NFL records:

2,544 points scored | 565 field goals made | 382 games played

Other notable facts: most game winning field goals – 103. Oldest player to kick 5 field goals in one game at age 46. Most consecutive games scoring – 360. And Morten speaks an astounding six different languages.


1984 Topps, Card No. 300 (Shop eBay)


The 1984 Topps is one of the more popular sets to collect among collectors. The reason? Well, for starters the set includes the rookie cards of arguably the two greatest quarterbacks in NFL history in Dan Marino and John Elway. But that’s not the only reasons why. There’s also a rookie card of Hall of Fame Kicker, Morten Anderson.

Card fronts are different by design as Topps opted to step outside the box with its 1984 offering. Your traditional white border but with player photo slightly leaning to the left, this was different and although it gives collectors something new, when you factor in that left lean and the poor centering that was so common with these it really hampers the eye appeal. Another defect known with this set is a condition known as “snow,” also known as print snow, this is when there is white-flaky print defects that effect the front of the cards. For these two reasons near mint – mint copies are highly sought after and gem mint copies carry a premium.

I really love the card backs on these. They are well-balanced with stats, player bio, and cartoon. The gray cardboard stock with green background highlights that chocolate-colored font and it just screams – notice me!

As of the date of this post raw copies can be purchased for $3.00-$6.00; graded mint copies (9’s) sell between $20.00-$40.00 and gem mint copies (10’s) sell in the $150.00-$320.00 range.

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