My Top 25 Cards Purchased in 2018

My Top 25 Cards Purchased in 2018

I remember growing up as a kid listening to the radio. Typically at the end of the year, there was a popular radio program I loved to listen to, Casey Kasem’s Billboard Top 100 of (insert year here). I’d like to mimic that sentiment and show you my top 25 cards of 2018.

It was a classic radio program and it gave us the favorite songs of that year. I’ve been watching some of my favorite YouTube Sportscard channels over this four-day weekend and noticed a theme.

“My favorite pick-ups for 2018.” It got me to thinking about it and inspired me to create my own list too. Some may not have large monetary value but they may have lots of nostalgia value and that is priceless, to say the least.


No. 24

This card has been in my collection for over 25 years. I finally submitted it for grading and did not care what it came back as I just wanted it slabbed. Was very pleased with the outcome. This one, in my opinion, has to be one of the greatest error cards in hobby history.


No. 23

Was really excited to pick this one up. One of my favorite football players.


No. 22

This one was really challenging to find in the new PSA Lighthouse Holder and at the price, I was willing to pay. Was really happy to be the winning bidder on this one. Sometimes the pursuit can be frustrating but rewarding at the same time.


No. 21

Not my favorite Piazza rookie card but one needed for the set registry. Lots of respect for Piazza as a ballplayer, I watched his entire career and appreciate his MLB Draft story. You can read about it here.


No. 20

I’ve always known I needed to pick this one up but when Trammell was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018 I made it a priority. I waited several months for prices to level off then I pulled the trigger. It’s not every day you get two Hall of Famer rookie cards on one card. This is a vintage collector must-have.


No. 19

Knocking out the 1980’s rookies I needed for my Post War HOF RC’s set registry this one became a challenge to find centered. I had this one on my sites for 6 weeks when I finally came across this beauty.


No. 18

Just before Opening Day 2018, I found this one with a Make An Offer option on eBay. I was stoked when my fair market value offer was excepted. This is a rookie card of a player who’s on the road to the Hall.


No. 17

Was really surprised to see this black border beauty come back a 10 after finding it in my collection. It appears I busted a box of these back in 1997, put the cards back in their opened wrappers then stored them away. A top 25 indeed.


No. 16

I was trying to put this set together, ended up about 80 cards short. Broke up the set and got this one graded. This one will more than likely be the rookie card that will be featured in PSA Set Registry for Post War HOF RC’s.


No. 15

I probably opened cases of this stuff back in 1994 in pursuit of this card. Never pulled it. Found this one at my LCS this year and it was in my opinion a gem mint 10. It was a lock, I looked at this thing every which way and was convinced it was gem-mint.

It came back as “authentic” and my mouth dropped. Reached out to PSA and the explanation was it was miscut but they opted to slab it for me anyway.

Sure enough, I looked closer and noticed one side higher than the other at the top. Oh well, there still lots of nostalgia for me on this one and it looks amazing in PSA slab.


No. 14

Long time favorite of mine. Finally got it slabbed. Translation of “En Fuego” is “On Fire” a great description of this guy’s basketball game. However, I’ll need to get this one re-slabbed because PSA labeled it incorrectly. It is not a Topps Chrome.


No. 13

This one is mislabeled too. Still, a great-looking insert card describing MJ’s defensive dominance. Long time favorite of mine. Picked up at LCS earlier in 2018 and was stoked to add this one to my PC.


No. 12

This one has been in my collection since 1994. One of my favorite cards ever. The hobby buzz with Michael in his number 45 jersey was a must-have back then.


No. 11

This one has been in my collection for decades as well. I pulled it from a pack and immediately sleeved it and put it in a top loader. 25 years later what do you know a gem-mint 10! This pic does not do this one justice.


No. 10

The 1980’s most iconic card. Really wanted this one in a 10 but couldn’t wrap my head around paying $400.00+ for a mass-produced card. I believe this one will come down in price at some point. A mint 9 goes for $50.00, a fraction of the price and just as nice.


No. 9

I picked this one up before the 2018 season for $35.00 today it goes for $100.00 he’s not in the Hall of Fame yet but you know I’ve just got a feeling about this guy. Fantastic card of a fantastic Cy-Young winner.


No. 8

This guy was a boyhood hero of mine. Living in the Chicagoland Region I went to many games, I got his autograph multiple times, and playing in Little League I played the same position as him. That is why this is one of my favorite pick-ups of 2018.


No. 7

Another card that was in my collection for many years. Had it graded and was very pleased with the outcome on this one. I’m a long time Peyton fan. Surely a top 25 for the PC.


No. 6

Although I’m a long time Michael Jordan collector I can’t deny the dominance of LeBron James. Although not as dominating as MJ I can’t deny the hobby impact he has and his accomplishments on the court. Surprisingly this one has come down in price a bit so I decided to pounce on it.


No. 2a

Really stoked to get my Clemente PSA Registry going. Borders are a bit faded on this one but still a great looking card. Pure vintage.


No. 2b

This was a BVG 6 that I snapped from the case and submitted to PSA. It’s really a great looking 4.


2018 Top 25 #4

These next three Clemente cards were picked up through a Facebook group I belong to. The whole deal took about 45 minutes and there was a slew of other collectors on my heals ready to push me over the edge to get to these. Proud to add these to my collection.


2018 Top 25 #3


2018 Top 25 #2


2018 Top 25 #1

Well, here is my #1 top 25 for 2018. Shopped for this one for quite some time. Bummed that the case is a bit scratched up which was unnoticeable on the original listing so I will probably get it re-slabbed at some point.

The card is really clean and I was able to utilize eBay bucks that I had accumulated along with an eBay 15% off voucher.

Happy Collecting, Collectors

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