Rogie Vachon Rookie Card

Rogie Vachon had Bruce Lee like reflexes and hands. In his 16 year career as a goalie he never allowed a single goal on a penalty shot. This impressive statistical fact alone shows us what made him one of the greatest goaltenders of his day.

He played for four different teams: Montreal Canadians, Los Angeles Kings, Detroit Red Wings and the Boston Bruins. He has three Stanley Cup Champions all with the Montreal Canadiens (1968, 1969, 1971). He also played in three NHL All-Star Games (1973, 1975,1978). His career stat line reads:

In 795 regular season games, he won 355 while losing 291 and tying 127 times. He has 51 shutouts, and his 2.99 career goals-against average is pretty impressive too.

Even more impressive was his play in the 1976 Canada Cup. He played every game in the tournament and set a record of 6 wins and 1 loss, along with 2 shutouts and a 1.39 goals-against average. Thanks to Rogie the Canadians won the tournament and he was named Team MVP.


1967 Topps, No. 75 (Shop eBay)

I am by no means a hockey historian but interestingly enough in the 1967-68 season, the NHL expanded the number of teams from 6 to 12. Unfortunately, Topps, the only hockey card manufacturer, did not expand their 1967 offering to collectors. Instead, Topps continued with the original six teams, and although they missed the goal in team selection, they did not miss the goal in card design. The colorful artwork of a makeshift arena gives it instant vintage nostalgia in my opinion. Really one of the most unique card designs I’ve ever seen. The back of the card however, can be a poster child of what not to do with a card back – absolutely brutal.

As of the date of this post raw copies can be purchased for under $100.00 and graded copies range from $100.00 to $450.00+ for high-end grades.



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