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At first glance one would ask, why would a player who only played 7 years in the NHL be inducted into the Hall of Fame? To me it didn’t seem like he did much but then it hit me; it’s called the Hockey Hall of Fame not the NHL Hall of Fame. When you look at the totality of his career one quickly sees his worthiness as an All-Time Great.

You see Sergei is worthy of the Hockey Hall of Fame for two primary reasons; first for his outstanding play as an international hockey player and for helping create a relationship between the NHL and Russia. In 1989 Makarov was allowed by the Soviet Union to join the NHL and the Calgary Flames. He made an immediate impact his rookie season and earned the Calder Memorial Trophy for the 1989-1990 season, this award is named after the first president of the NHL Frank Calder and represents Rookie of the Year honors.

Prior to the NHL Makarov played with the CSKA Moscow (Red Army) and had 11 championship seasons and was awarded with Soviet Player of the Year honors three times, Soviet League All-Star Team ten times and led the league in points nine times! His career stat line in total reads:

Games Played 943 | Goals 456 | Assist 638 | Points 1094 | Penalties in Minutes 607


1990-91 Bowman, No. 92 (Shop eBay)

This set contains 264 cards. It never really got off the ground. Collectors did not care for the dark, boring photography that left you feeling kind of unmoved and at the end of the day it seemed like a copy cat version of the Bowman Baseball set. This exact set was printed with the Tiffany technology but still did not impress collectors much.

As of the date of this post; raw copies of either Bowman or Bowman Tiffany can be purchased for less than $1 and graded gem mint copies (10’s) can be purchased for around $7-$15. If you’re a RC HOF collector like I am that’s music to your ears.

90 bowman makarov 92

1990-91 Pro Set, No. 38 (Shop eBay)

This 705 card set was aggressive for its day. No borders decent photography and large checklist made this a hit with collectors. Very well thought out card design. I especially like the big bold team logo and I appreciate the bottom of the card with its banner like design, position and jersey number to the left and right.

As of the date of this post; raw copies can be purchased for less than $2 and graded gem mint copies (10’s) can be purchased for $10-$20.

90 pro set makarov 38

1990-91 Score, No. 71 (Shop eBay)

This 440 card set was printed in American and Canadian versions. Two main differences are; the color of the “Score” logo on the upper right front of the card, American version is in blue and Canadian in red. Also, the back of the Canadian version is written in both english and french. I especially like the vector image of a hockey player in the lower right corner of the card – nice touch. All around a very unique card design.

As of the date of this post; raw copies of each can be had for under $2 and gem mint graded copies (10’s) can be purchased for $5-$15

1990-91 Topps, No. 60 (Shop eBay)

This is a 396 card set that really fell flat with collectors as well. Bad photography, bad card design and the plain gray card stock on the back of the card makes you just want to put this product in the penalty box. As you can see here, not a very exciting rookie card of Mr. Makarov BUT a RC of HOF none the less.

As of the date of this post; raw copies can be had for under $1 and gem mint graded copies (10’s) sell in the $5-$15 range.

90 topps makarov 60

1990-91 O-Pee-Chee, No. 60 (Shop eBay)

O-Pee-Chee is a Canada based card manufacturer that started in 1958 and entered into a marketing agreement with Topps, one can say that O-Pee-Chee is a sister company of Topps. This particular set is a 528 card set that was an instant hit among collectors. Most of the set mirrors the American version but with a couple of differences: O-Pee-Chee included a 132 card “Premier” set that piggy-backed off of the base set. All 528 cards are printed on thicker card stock and coated with a high gloss. The backs of the cards are bilingual with a green background.

However, although card design and collector popularity peaked at all time highs so did the print runs and this set followed suit with the practices of the day. Mass produced and so prices have dropped severely over the years.

As of the date of this post; raw copies can be purchased for less than $2 and gem mint graded copies (10’s) can be had in the $5-$15 range.

90 opee chee makarov 60

1990-91 Upper Deck, No 123 (Shop eBay)

After the success of 1989 Upper Deck Baseball hockey collectors wondered if they would get their turn in the sun. The much-anticipated release of Upper Deck’s hockey card premier was greeted with open arms. They did not disappoint either, spectacular photography front and back, premium card stock and lets not forget the introduction of the small holographic logo on the back which assured collectors of authenticity, and gave them reassurance due to the counterfeiting issues that were plaguing the hobby. In hindsight, being in a collector in this era, I can bear witness that Upper Deck took the card industry to the next level.

This set was also printed in French and it’s been said that it sold more than ten times the amount of the American version on the secondary market.

As of the date of this post; raw copies can be found for less than $2 and graded gem mint copies (10’s) can be purchased in the $10-$20 dollar range.

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