Sports Cards & Memorabilia TUBER Hall of Fame: My Vote

January brought us the MLB Hall of Fame Class of 2018. February brought us the NFL Hall of Fame Class of 2018. And March brought us the much-anticipated inaugural, Sports Card & Memorabilia Tuber Hall of Fame Class of 2018. Every Hall of Fame has a commissioner and the Tuber HOF is no different, the innovator of this card community phenomenon is Mike Moynihan also known as Baseball Collector on his You Tube channel.

Collectors were allowed to vote by either posting a video on their channel or by posting a comment on Baseball Collectors video published on February 21, 2018. The rules for voting were:

  1. You can’t vote for yourself.
  2. You can only vote for up to 10 Tubers.
  3. Tuber has to be posting videos for at least one year.
  4. Tuber must have at least 100 videos posted.

Every Hall of Fame vote comes with controversy, that’s the spice that makes it so good. This one was no different. As the days and weeks rolled on there was some difference of opinions. One debate was current day Tubers -vs- Tubers that quit making videos, they posted videos for many years and should be considered. There is approximately a dozen or so Tubers that are considered the originators of the card community on You Tube. They helped pave the road to what it is today. I wanted to give these channels a fair shake and so I did hours of research looking at these side-lined channels.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much that appealed to me personally. I’m not a fan of watching videos of someone opening packs of cards. There’s just so many of them and I find them massed produced, like the junk-wax era. Typically, I like to watch video’s as I’m paying bills or sorting through cards or even while blogging. I’ve got a nice Bose speaker at my desk, I turn on some videos and do my thing. Videos of screaming, erratic behavior are distracting to say the least and at worst can seem creepy sometimes.

Also, I have kids, and I’ve raised my kids to watch their mouth. My five kids were not allowed to cuss in my house, and so videos that use excessive foul language is a turn off for me. Also, if I’m checking out your channel and you have 8 videos of you farting – ummm… no thanks! If your making sports card videos and your showing me what an unorganized slob you are I’m not interested in your channel either. I’m sorry for being rude but I’m just trying to keep it real here. Listen, you do you boo! I’m just explaining what types of channels don’t get my vote for Tuber Hall of Fame.

My vote is based solely on those channels I feel have something to offer to the card community as a whole. In other words there has to be some type of value given to the viewer. All of my picks have great collections and as a PSA HOF RC collector and autograph collector myself these are the channels, in alphabetical order, I feel are HOF’ers to me:


1. Aaron Davis 

Aaron Davis

Aaron is a vintage card collector. His focus is on baseball, football and boxing Hall of Famers. The niche on his channel is the historical content he provides, he gives great commentary on highlighted player and one can tell he really does his homework. Another interesting aspect of Aaron’s channel is his collection of Negro-League ball players. Click on his name above to check out his channel.

2. Arfalc 77


I haven’t been a subscriber for very long but when I checked out his channel he quickly caught my attention. Mainly for his edgy creativity. Arfalc77 is a seasoned, veteran Tuber. I refer to him as the “The Jedi.” In the sports card community he is considered the trailblazer of how it’s done. He has influenced many a Tubers in his nearly 10 years of posting videos. Much respect for this pillar of the community. Click on his name above to check out his channel.

3. Baseball Collector

Baseball Collector

One has a tendency to gravitate towards the channels that appeal to you. This is the case for me with Baseball Collector, he is my favorite channel. He collects PSA HOF and autographs and his collection dubs more like a museum. We have similar collecting interest and not only is he the commissioner of the SCMT-HOF I consider him to be todays industry leader on You Tube for quality of content and value to the community. Click on his name above.

4. CardCutter

Card Cutter

This larger than life military man is the authority in NFL TTM’s. He has a great channel that deals with NFL HOF autographs. He’s inspired me to start my own TTM collection and I really look forward to his videos. He is very active in the card community with his Instagram “slabcitysportscards” and he helps administer Facebook groups. He’s a super cool dude but isn’t afraid to tell it like it is too. Click on his name above and check out his channel.

5. Eliteco 3

Eliteco3Stocks by day. Sports by night. Trading around the clock; is how this Tuber describes himself. He has great mail day videos and PSA reveal videos in which he typically does 500 card submissions. Be sure to search his channel for the white board discussions that give a ton of valuable instructions. Eliteco3 is cool and calm, the length of his videos and tone of his voice make him the type of Tuber you can turn on and sort through some of your own cards.

6. MikeO


MikeO is a Tuber with a servant’s heart. He is reputable and well liked within the community. He has tremendous dedication to the hobby: He is a PSA point man as multiple collectors submit their cards to Mike for submission. He is host to a podcast, “Hobby Talk w/ MikeO.” In his channel you will see videos of TTM autograph returns, box breaks, card show recaps, mail days and much more. He puts out great content and is a pillar of the Tuber community.

7. Pepino Man

pepino man

This popular Tuber gets my vote for most entertaining. He is beloved by the community for his infectious humor. No doubt he is the life of the party. He has an amazing complete set binder collection and also dabbles in vintage. I must admit he had to grow on me but grow on me he did, this guy has left me in cramps from laughter! Don’t believe me click on his name above and check it out for yourself.

8. Ray From Philly

Like me, Ray is a PSA set registry collector. He is piecing together the registry of the “300 Great Baseball Cards of the 20th Century” which is based on a book written by Mike Payne. He is consistent with his collection and what I admire most is the sports card role model he is to his young son Ray Jr as he co-host with Ray Sr periodically. Click on his name above and check out his channel.

9. Silver Jackify


This guy has an amazing vintage collection and his channel has a lot to offer. He’ll do monthly Baseball Crate videos, card show recaps, box break recaps, mail days, Q&A’s and much more. I’ve learned a lot from his channel as he does a great job presenting valuable information. His opening and closing jingle is quite catchy too. Click on his name above to check out his channel.

10. Topps85401


Nate is a pillar of the Tuber community as well, his videos go back 6 years or more and he has a ton of passion for the hobby. He has the most amazing Barry Bonds collection I’ve ever seen and he gets into 1990’s-2004 insert cards. He was the first sports card Tuber I subscribed to and I really enjoyed a second channel he belongs to with his friend Eric, the world-famous “Baseball Card Junkies TV.” Click on his name above to check out his channel.

Well this was my ballot for SCMT-HOF 2018 and why. If you check out their videos and like what you see do me a favor… SUBSCRIBE TO THEIR CHANNEL!


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Victor Roman Sr

I've been collecting for over thirty years. My goal is to inform and inspire collectors of cardboard. I believe there is nothing that holds its value better than rookie cards of Hall of Famers, nor is there anything more rewarding than learning the history of the All-Time Greats. I summarize it this way- LEARN. COLLECT. ENJOY.