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Terry Bradshaw has lived most of his life in the spotlight. First as a quarterback for the Pittsburg Steelers then as a lively television commentator. His claim to fame was leading the Steelers of the 1970s to one of the greatest dynasties winning four Super Bowl Championships.

Terry Bradshaw’s Colorful Career

But fame doesn’t stop there for Terry. To this day you can find him giving his colorful, comedic commentary on Fox NFL Sunday. He’s an established actor and has appeared in many films and has even co-starred.

He’s made appearances on television sitcoms and game shows, I highly recommend checking out the episode on Family Feud, hilarious! And did I mention his multiple country music and gospel albums? That’s right folks he can sing too! Heck, he’s even got his own star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

In 1970 the Steelers made him the #1 Pick. He had a horrible rookie debut season with 6 touchdowns and 24 interceptions. Trouble on the football field continued the first three seasons. He has testified that the first three years in the league have been the toughest of his entire life.

Bradshaw Snaps Out of It

At the start of the 1974 season, he found himself on the bench. Concerning his coach, Bradshaw has said, “Nothing was fun about playing for coach Chuck Noll he was a no-nonsense kind of guy.” Terry feared him, he needed a pat on the back and instead got an ass chewing.

His opponents and the media had labeled him as a dumb southern boy. He wanted everyone to just have fun and like each other. However, spending the first half of the 1974 season on the bench gave him time to reflect, Terry says, he finally realized that “the world doesn’t work that way.”

In essence, coach Chuck Noll helped him to grow up and toughened him up. Terry answered the call. He began to run the offense unselfishly, realizing what he had in his teammates he made the proper adjustments and focused his mind on winning.

Terry was at his best in the postseason and led the 1974 Steelers to a Super Bowl Championship!

Bradshaw Continued to Succeed

A key component to his game was running but it was never pretty, he galloped and you better be ready to make a tackle cause he knew how to receive one.

His wide receivers have given testimony that his throws were so powerful that you could actually hear them coming and the spinning on the ball was so tight that it would split your fingers. He had a knack for throwing the ball into tight places and finding his receivers.

He kept winning on the field and this gave him a lot of confidence, he seemed much more sure of himself on how to play the game and became better and better with every passing season. In 1978, he led the league in touchdown passes and was named MVP.

In the last four decades, Terry Bradshaw has presented the game of football like no one else can. He captivates a room. He’s a born entertainer, a performer and when the lights go on so does he.

The bigger the stage the more you can count on him to get it done. Already in his seventies the old soul remains young at heart and shows no signs of slowing down. Terry Bradshaw an All-Time Great indeed!

For Us Nerds!

Career Stats – Games 168 | QB Record 107-51 | Yards 27,989 (61st All-Time) | Pass Completion 51.9% | Touchdowns 212

Career Accomplishments – 3x Pro Bowler | 1x All-Pro | 4x Super Bowl Champ | 1x MVP

Rookie Card of Hall of Famer


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1971 Topps, #156

This 263 card set was released in two series. Our featured HOFer can be found in Series 2 packs. Offered to collectors is a great portrait photo of young Bradshaw. Bold font letters give us names and teams.

A cartoonish little man at the lower left of the card front is my favorite feature. This all sits on bright red borders that are known to easily chip and make it challenging to find mint copies.

The card back has lots of good as well. Keep in mind Bradshaw was drafted in 1970, therefore, this rookie card has 1970 stats on it. Plenty of player commentary is also given.

Another cartoon character can be seen on the upper right side of the card. It tells us a bit of Terry’s high school career, it appears he’s always had a cannon for an arm and therefore was good at throwing the javelin and at one point set a national record.

As of the date of this post, PSA population reports show 3,520 have been graded. Beckett has graded a total of 1,170 and SGC has graded 456.

Raw copies can be purchased between $30.00-$120.00 conditions varying. Graded Excellent copies (5) sell in the $95.00-$162.00 range. Near Mint copies (7) sell for $300.00-$495.00 and Mint copies (9) have an average price of $15,200.00 respectively.

Happy Collecting, Collectors

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